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Corporate Headquarters

Gerloff Painting Headquarters
1325 Ingleside Road, Norfolk VA 23502
Office: 757-857-4880
Toll Free: 800-899-4881
Fax: 757-857-5158

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Gene Gerloff - CEO

Gene Gerloff - President

Gene Gerloff is a 50 year veteran of the commercial painting business. Mr. Gerloff oversees the entire operation, actively applying his unsurpassed trade knowledge to both the Estimating and Field Operations.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his 5 children and 12 grandchildren, as well as following Notre Dame, UVA, and Virginia Tech Sports (where his children are Alumni)

Office: 757-857-4880 x 206

Joseph Gerloff - President

Joseph Gerloff - Vice President of New Construction

Joseph (Joe) Gerloff is a Systems Engineering Graduate from the University of Virginia.

Joe worked as a General Contractor for several years after college, before joining Gerloff Painting as a Field Superintendent in 2008.

As Chief Estimator, Joe manages the estimating staff and coordinates the commencement of new projects with the Field Operations Team.

Office: 757-857-4880 x 202

Randy Trahan- Vice President - Estimating

Randy Trahan - Vice President of Renovations

Randy Trahan is a 45 year veteran of the commercial painting and wallcovering business.

Randy started out as an apprentice paperhanger in high school, where he quickly mastered the craft. Randy actively applies his hands on experience to his estimating, and generally manages all of the "look and see" estimates and on-site customer consulting.

Office: 757-857-4880 x 205

Victor Riley - Vice President - Operations

Victor Riley - Operations Manager

Victor Riley was brought onto the team in 2013, with an outstanding track record of sales and management experience

After completing a year of Estimator training, Victor quickly picked up the trade. With a knack for excellent communication, Victor currently utilizes his management skills to coordinate the field operations, from the primary scheduling all the way to project closeout.

Office: 757-857-4880 x 204

Melissa Albany - Corporate Secretary / Estimator

Melissa Albany

Melissa Albany has worked for Gerloff Painting since 2003, and has been trained in every position from Superintendent, Project Manager, Estimator, Secretary, and Bookkeeper.

Melissa currently serves as Senior Project Estimator, utilizing her broad knowledge of the business to service our ongoing client needs.

Office: 757-857-4880 x 201

Bridgette Clause - Bookkeeper

Bridgette Clause

Bridgette Clause wears many hats for Gerloff Painting. Primarily employed to manage contracts and receivables, Bridgette also fell in love early on with coordinating submittals and site specific safety plans.

Bridgette also administers our Bid List, serving as the initial contact for scheduling and organizing the hundreds of estimates we do each week.

Office: 757-857-4880 x 211

Aarin Ivans - General Superintendent

Aarin Ivans

Aarin Ivans is the General Superintendent of Gerloff Painting. Aarin is a 35 year veteran of the commercial painting industry, and is truly passionate about the painting trade and profession.

Aarin's focus is maintaining Gerloff Painting's Training and Advancement program, with a focus on internal growth. As General Superintendent, Aarin also is in charge of assigning Superintendents to projects and monitoring their performance.

Cell: 757-406-1495

Steve Beaudoin - Senior Superintendent

Steve Beaudoin - Project Manager

Steve Beaudoin has been in the commercial painting business for over 30 years. Along with his vast knowledge of painting products and processes, Steve specializes in problem solving, jobsite coordination, and project management.

When not in a hardhat and boots, you can find Steve in Oceanview in a tank top and flip flops playing cornhole and loving life!

Cell: 757-708-0076

Lee Brittan - Estimator

Lee Brittan - Estimator

Lee Brittan graduated from James Madison University and started with Gerloff Painting in 2012.

With a passion for Architecture and Design, Lee has fluorished in his role as Estimator. When he is not attending preconstruction site visits, Lee spends his days at the blueprint table as he coordinates his takeoffs with the constantly evolving Bid Calendar.

Office: 757-857-4880 x 203

Skip Flottman - Safety Director

Skip Flottman - General Superintendent

Skip Flottman started as a Field Technician for Gerloff Painting in 1988. His natural abilities as a leader and project manager allowed him to rise in rank from Foreman to General Superintendent.

Skip currently acts as our Safety and QC Officer, bringing a realistic and practical approach to jobsite awareness.

Cell: 757-438-5018

Lila Wilson - Purchasing

Lila Wilson

Lila Wilson manages all purchasing and payroll activities. Lila is the main contact for issuing purchase orders, paying invoices, processing payroll, and greeting guests with a smile!

Office: 757-857-4880 x 210
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